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Ensure Integrity of your Software Supply Chain

How to fix software supply chain integrity with CIS Benchmarks and Aqua Security

Software (application) development lifecycle (SDLC) processes have followed the wild-west approach where security has been an afterthought to speedy delivery and race to market, however the recent supply chain attacks have more than highlighted the criticality and the need to ensure security is part of the design in the development and delivery process.

Aqua Security and CIS collaborate to publish industry’s first ever CIS Benchmarks framework guide for Supply Chain Security.

Why Rapid7 is the only security platform you need

Get complete coverage with Rapid7 security platform

The Rapid7 Platform difference means, you ‘the executive team’ can focus on the innovation and growth of your business without having to task your teams to become security ninjas and figure out the latest threats and vulnerabilities on their own while fighting fires.

REMEMBER: If you are not in the security business, don’t make security your primary business!

InsightCloudSec IAM Access Explorer

IAM is the new security perimeter, guard it with Rapid7 insightCloudSec.

The perimeter has shifted in the cloud where IAM policies is all that sits between the outside world and cloud resources critical to your business.

In this article I share how organisations can use DivvyCloud’s Access Explorer to gain visibility into IAM policies, drive remediation and reporting. Enjoy!

Rapid7 InsightCloudSec CSPM solution

Cloud Security Posture and Compliance with Rapid7 insightCloudSec

A consolidated view of multi cloud environments is no longer a ‘nice to have’ as the enemies in this cyber warfare are often invisible.

In this article I share how organisations can use DivvyCloud to protect themselves against mis-configurations, policy violations and other threats. Enjoy!

Dns Filtering Cyber Security Header

Keeping cyber-criminals at bay with DNS filtering

With cybercrime becoming a mainstream source of revenue for criminal organisation and individuals across the globe, cyber-attacks are a daily occurrence. It’s only a matter for time before you are compromised.

In this article, I share how to boost your security posture against cyber attacks within minutes for free. Enjoy!

Password Security Manager Header image

How secure is your password?

You are just one bad password away from unwanted access to your information. Once they have access to your information, they have access to your digital identity i.e. basically, your life. Protecting yourself starts with good password hygiene.

In this article I share a life hack that you can use to ensure your passwords cannot be cracked in your lifetime. Enjoy!

Architecting apps to scale with docker

Architecting your apps to scale on demand with Docker containers

Being able to scale business applications on-demand provides organisations greater ROI and much needed agility.

In this article I will deep dive into how to architect your applications to scale on-demand using docker containers along with an example scenario. Hope you enjoy it.

Ransomware – Are you ready?

Being in the industry, I could be forgiven for thinking that everyone is aware of what Ransomware is and the risks involved. With everyone working form home these days due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the risks increase exponentially. We don’t think much of letting our kids access our computer while we make a cup of …

What is your smart meter reporting about your electricity consumption?

Data is often neglected but it is generally the only source of truth.

In this article, I took up a little project to examine the data that my smart electricity meter is reporting back to my energy provider about my consumption behaviour.

The end result was eye opening and beautiful at the same time. I hope you find it as valuable as I did. Enjoy!