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Ensure Integrity of your Software Supply Chain

How to fix software supply chain integrity with CIS Benchmarks and Aqua Security

Software (application) development lifecycle (SDLC) processes have followed the wild-west approach where security has been an afterthought to speedy delivery and race to market, however the recent supply chain attacks have more than highlighted the criticality and the need to ensure security is part of the design in the development and delivery process.

Aqua Securityย and CIS collaborate to publish industry’s first ever CIS Benchmarks framework guide for Supply Chain Security.

Architecting apps to scale with docker

Architecting your apps to scale on demand with Docker containers

Being able to scale business applications on-demand provides organisations greater ROI and much needed agility.

In this article I will deep dive into how to architect your applications to scale on-demand using docker containers along with an example scenario. Hope you enjoy it.