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Keeping cyber-criminals at bay with DNS filtering

With cybercrime becoming a mainstream source of revenue for criminal organisation and individuals across the globe, cyber-attacks are a daily occurrence. It’s only a matter for time before you are compromised.

In this article, I share how to boost your security posture against cyber attacks within minutes for free. Enjoy!

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How secure is your password?

You are just one bad password away from unwanted access to your information. Once they have access to your information, they have access to your digital identity i.e. basically, your life. Protecting yourself starts with good password hygiene.

In this article I share a life hack that you can use to ensure your passwords cannot be cracked in your lifetime. Enjoy!

Ransomware – Are you ready?

Being in the industry, I could be forgiven for thinking that everyone is aware of what Ransomware is and the risks involved. With everyone working form home these days due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the risks increase exponentially. We don’t think much of letting our kids access our computer while we make a cup of …