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Why Rapid7 is the only security platform you need

Get complete coverage with Rapid7 security platform

The Rapid7 Platform difference means, you โ€˜the executive teamโ€™ can focus on the innovation and growth of your business without having to task your teams to become security ninjas and figure out the latest threats and vulnerabilities on their own while fighting fires.

REMEMBER: If you are not in the security business, donโ€™t make security your primary business!

InsightCloudSec IAM Access Explorer

IAM is the new security perimeter, guard it with Rapid7 insightCloudSec.

The perimeter has shifted in the cloud where IAM policies is all that sits between the outside world and cloud resources critical to your business.

In this article I share how organisations can use DivvyCloud’s Access Explorer to gain visibility into IAM policies, drive remediation and reporting. Enjoy!